About Cumbria CLIL


Cumbria CLIL consists of a group of associates, including teacher educators and language specialists. We are passionate about our work.

We aim to enhance the learning experience of CLIL teachers and their students while at the same time fostering intercultural understanding and global citizenship.

Cumbria CLIL was founded by Janet Streeter who has worked in many different educational settings over the past 30 years. Janet is a specialist in CLIL (Content & Language Integrated Learning) and has coordinated and taken part in several EU foreign language & CLIL projects, producing training materials for Primary & Secondary teachers.

For the past 20 years Janet has been working closely with CLIL teachers and teacher educators from different countries and fully appreciates their needs.


What is CLIL? (Content & Language Integrated Learning)

"Within CLIL, language is used as a medium for learning content, and the content is used in turn as a resource for learning languages. Students can put the language they are learning into practice instantaneously – a powerful motivation factor."


European Language Policy & CLIL, EU Commission, Directorate General for Education and Culture.


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