UK Residential Course Dates

UK Residential Course Dates 2017 - 2018


8-14 October 2017 CLIL in Cumbria 1 Still a few places left
15-21 October 2017 CLIL in Cumbria 1 

4-10 March 2018 CLIL in Cumbria 1 
11-17 March 2018 Full
18-24 March 2018 CLIL in Cumbria 
22-26 April 2018 Primary CLIL
Flexible dates, including weekends during Dutch Spring Holiday 2018
24-30 June 2018 CLIL in Cumbria
1-7 July 2018 CLIL in Cumbria

To arrange other dates and/or to discuss course content:

NB We are able to run courses for groups of teachers outside of these dates and for longer than a week. Please contact us and let us know your requirements.


Workshop Dates

Workshops and Residential Courses Abroad 2017 - 2018


We can run subject-specific workshops and coaching at your school and/or for groups of teachers in your region. Tweaking the Textbook, CLIL for the Science Classroom, Keeping Students in English, CLIL for the Art Classroom, Primary CLIL, CLIL materials development workshops and much more...

For more information:

Our annual national CLIL PE workshop will be held in Alphen aan den Rijn in February 2018 -  new content each time! Get yourself on the list by contacting Rinke Van Der Valle