CLIL in Cumbria 2

Embedding English for Content and Language Integrated Learning (1 week)


This follow-up course:

  • is aimed at those who have already completed a CLIL course in Cumbria and have at least Cambridge Advanced, usually Proficiency level English;

  • builds upon the content, skills and language explored in CLIL in Cumbria 1;

  • focuses on developing more academic English within the context of CLIL;

  • allows you to develop your skills and learning strategies within the context of cross-curricular project development;

  • helps you increase your fluency in English through sharing practice and interactive learning;

  • develops your intercultural awareness through everyday experience of language and culture in the UK.

There will normally be an opportunity for a visit to a UK school and you will receive personal feedback on both your work and your English. If you are coming with your departmental team, we can refine the course content to suit your specific requirements.


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