CLIL Language Courses in Cumbria and the UK

About Cumbria CLIL

Cumbria CLIL is an international teacher training and consultancy company founded by Janet Streeter in 2010. We run residential courses in the UK and the EU for teachers of all age groups. We are also delivering workshops and classroom coaching, face-to-face and on-line.

We have worked with many bilingual schools in the Netherlands and have also run courses and workshops in Austria, Denmark and Hungary. We work on an on-going basis for the Bilingual Program in Budapest where we are responsible for training all their teaching staff and CLIL trainers.

Schools particularly like the team-building effect of our courses.

"Enhancing the learning experience of CLIL teachers and their students while at the same time fostering intercultural understanding and global citizenship"

Why choose Cumbria CLIL?

We believe that learning should be fun and our courses are varied and enjoyable
We have many years of experience in CLIL and helping subject teachers apply it to their teaching
We are all native speakers or near-native speakers of English
We all come from a school education background and most of us continue to work in the classroom
We are passionate about applying CLIL and planning CLIL lessons
We practise what we preach, modelling CLIL strategies and principles
We seek to give you an intercultural experience on all of our courses
We have a very personal approach so that course content is tailored to your needs