CLIL Language Courses in Cumbria and the UK
Mind map of participants’ expectations, May 2022

About our courses

Our training is high quality, relevant, enjoyable and personal. Key to this is that we practise what we preach.

This means that teachers are not only immersed in English, but at the same time are actively involved in tried-and-tested strategies and techniques that they can use in their own classrooms and contexts.

We use a range of fully equipped venues at our different locations and have excellent links with local schools, tourist organisations, caterers and other top-quality providers. We make use of our local knowledge and contacts to provide an authentic cultural experience.

CLIL 1 (5-6 days) Primary or Secondary Teachers

This initial course is aimed at those who would like to increase their fluency and accuracy in English and make a start with CLIL.

You will:

  • learn about the basic principles of CLIL and how to apply these to your teaching.
  • consider the role of language in CLIL lessons.
  • be involved in lots of fun, student-centred activities.
  • be immersed in English.
  • receive support in planning CLIL lessons.
  • have the opportunity to try out new ideas and strategies for your own teaching.
  • have the opportunity to visit a local school or take part in an educational excursion.
  • receive personal feedback on your English and your teaching.
  • have the opportunity to visit beautiful and inspiring places.
CLIL Language Courses in Cumbria and the UK
CLIL Language Courses in Cumbria and the UK

CLIL 2: (5-6 days) Primary or Secondary Teachers

This follow-up course is normally aimed at those who have already completed a Cumbria CLIL course and have at least Cambridge Advanced, usually Cambridge Proficiency level English. The structure is very similar to CLIL 1 with immersion in English, a school visit/educational excursion, the opportunity to explore the local area and lots of support. However, content-wise you will go into more depth, setting your own goals for your teaching.

You will:

  • build upon the work you undertook in CLIL 1 and what you have done since at school;
  • work on key CLIL principles according to your needs;
  • explore lesson planning for CLIL in greater depth;
  • have the opportunity to top up your English fluency;
  • consider and develop specific language skills and language support material for your classes;
  • develop subject-specific and/or cross-curricular projects and materials;

Bespoke Courses

If you are coming with your departmental team, we can refine the course content, duration and even location to suit your school’s specific requirements and budget.

The team-building effect of our courses is often praised by school managers and colleagues alike. The fact that you are out of school, working, having a laugh and getting to know each other has made team building an incredible spin-off of our courses.

Don’t worry, we always factor in the need for individual time! Hence our carefully chosen locations and accommodation in single-occupancy rooms.

Previous bespoke courses have included:

CLIL coaching/training the trainer (in Corsica, France), a course for English Language & Literature teachers (Lake District, UK), a Primary job-shadowing course (in Carlisle, UK), a CLIL maintenance course (near London, UK), CLIL 3 and CLIL materials writing (in Cumbria, UK).

CLIL Language Courses in Cumbria and the UK

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