EU Erasmus CLIL Courses

Flexible and affordable post-Brexit courses in the UK

As we all know, teachers can no longer follow courses in the UK with Erasmus funding. This is such a pity, but we have to look to the future! We know that many of you would still like to come to the UK to follow CLIL courses and improve your English.

That’s why we have developed a way of hosting groups of teachers in Cumbria on courses that you can tailor to your budget. You can follow a bespoke course by choosing the length of stay and your group size, thus saving money.

Of course, you can still come for the full package (Sunday to Saturday) as usual, but we hope this new system will enable more people to take part, using sources of funding from their respective countries, for example the “Scholingsbudget” in the Netherlands.

Prices start at £350 per person for 2-3 days plus £80 per day food and accommodation.
(based on a group of 12)

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CLIL Courses in the UK
CLIL Courses in the UK
CLIL Courses in the UK

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