CLIL Language Courses in Ireland

Galway, Ireland.


Come and join us in Ireland! We have spent time researching, networking and exploring possibilities to offer our courses in Ireland.

We wanted to find a venue where we could provide teachers with the typical Cumbria CLIL blend of practical course content, English language immersion and cultural experience on a local level. We have found just that in the little town of Athlone.

Athlone or Baile Átha Luain

A small town of approximately 20,000 inhabitants which is in the heart of Ireland, midway between Dublin and Galway. Situated on the River Shannon, Athlone has a castle, the oldest bar in Ireland (!) and is steeped in history.

It is not a very touristy place, so you will have a taste of the “real” Ireland here and we found the people to be really friendly. If you choose Ireland for your course, you will have the opportunity to visit both Dublin and Galway and we can also arrange a school visit as required.

Accommodation: Hotel accommodation.

Venues: Conference and local meeting rooms in Athlone and also Galway.

Meals: We can book lunches and local restaurants for your group as required.

These courses are eligible for Erasmus Plus funding.

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CLIL Courses in Ireland
CLIL Courses in Ireland

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