Workshops & Coaching

CLIL Language Courses in Cumbria and the UK

In-House Workshops

We run in-house workshops and courses for individual schools and local networks. Workshops can be tailor-made to suit your requirements. Course content is delivered interactively with us modelling activities and techniques so that you are truly “learning by doing.” We cater for all subject areas and age-groups from Primary upwards. Above all, our workshops enable you to reflect on how you can apply what you have learnt to your own classroom and school context.

Things workshop participants appreciated:

“Fast pace, time to work on your own lesson”

“Everybody was very eager to participate”

“Humour, collaboration, sharing of ideas”

Classroom Coaching (Face-to-Face and Online)

We have all been on courses and returned feeling really inspired, only to find ourselves back in the same routines after a few weeks. Cumbria CLIL offers you the opportunity to continue to build on your learning and skills through flexible in-house support. This can be face to face or on-line.

Over the years we have developed and perfected a very effective way of working with teachers and their classes. This takes the form of joint planning, classroom observation and feedback.  We also work with our clients to develop key teachers, CLIL coaches and to explore ways of cascading our key CLIL messages to other colleagues.

With the arrival of COVID we discovered how classroom coaching and follow-ups on line can be just as effective. Furthermore, you save time and money and individual on-line sessions are easier to timetable.

Just let us know your requirements.

Things classroom coaching participants appreciated:

“The useful feedback and support provided. The ideas given. The openness of the instructors- natural and easy to talk to and bounce ideas off. An informative, useful and giving course.”

“Very inspirational because of your enthusiasm. Good, thorough feedback."

CLIL Language Courses in Cumbria and the UK